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Crane Jibs

  • Installation to the loader with fast coupling.

  • With fixed or telescopic arm.

  • Also available with hydraulic boom length adjustment and hydraulic boom lateral movement.

  • The lifting boom includes a safety hook or open hook.

  • The exit of the telescopic boom from the frame is prevented in the mechanical lifting booms to ensure safety.

  • It is mainly manufactured according to the customer's own need.


Crane Jibs, Big bag lifters, Coil booms

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Big Bag Lifter

  • Installation on the loader's quick-release plate or forks.

  • With fixed or adjustable boom.

  • With open hook or safety hook.

  • The possibility of transporting several sacks at once. See the pictures below.

  • We plan according to the customer's needs.

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Coil Boom

  • Designed and manufactured according to the customer's needs.

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