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Forkposition with sideshifting

  • Less transfers.

  • Faster load handling.

  • The workload of forklift drivers is reduced.

  • Saves both money and forklift.

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  • In today 's industry, in addition to smooth material handling , the ergonomics of the driver's work must be taken into account.

  • By eliminating heavy manual fork settings and making it easier to pick up and set up pallets, material handling is more efficient. In addition, the workload of the driver is reduced.

  • Smooth pallet handling requires the driver to be able to adjust the forks from the truck cab.

  • The device has a hook attachment according to the ISO 2328 standard or integrated

  • Good visibility through the device

  • Small load shift

  • Hydraulic pipes pre-installed

  • The power distribution valve guarantees the forks of the truck simultaneous movement

  • The forks are suspended from the round bar to achieve smooth movement

  • The support rollers and fork suspension bushes are mounted and have grease nipples

  • Lifting classes 1-10 tn. 

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