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Forkposition with sideshifting - with UP / DOWN fork

  • The device has three functions:
    - Fork position
    - sideshifting (If necessary)
    hydraulic UP / DOWN of the other fork.

Ankkuri 1
Anonymous direction.model (97).png
  • The device is equipped with a load relief valve, which ensures that the fork can´t collapse in any situations.

  • Manufactured as hanging, with hook fastenings according to ISO 2328 standard or integrated.

  • Stem width and fork length according to the customer's lifting needs.

  • Max lifting class 10,000 kg.

Forkposition with sideshifting - with load support or fast locking hooks

Ankkuri 2

Picture on the left: Forklift attachment with load support.

- We manufacture according to the dimensions requested by the customer. 

- Fixed or with removable load support.

Picture on the right: Fast locking hook (lower)

Available with Fem 2, Fem 3 and Fem 4.

Forkposition with sideshifting for fem forks

  • Attachment for lifting classes 2, 3 and 4.​​

  • In lifting class 2, the maximum width of the fork is 100 mm.

  • In lifting class 3, the maximum width of the fork is 125 mm.

  • In lifting class 4, the maximum width of the fork is 150 mm.

  • Adapters to different fork wides according to customer

Ankkuri 3

Image on the left: Fork positioner with fem forks adapter

Image on the right: Fem forks mounted on the adapter

Forkposition with sideshifting -
With collision protection

Ankkuri 4
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